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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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is on auicide -- suicide mission from hell and his regime. >> president trump makes it clear to the united nations that north korea is on a collision course
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missile tests continue. good afternoon, i'm andrea ro ane. we'll hear more from the president later on, but, first, we are following breaking news from prince william county, virginia. that's where police are following the fatal shooting of a crow bar-wielding teenager. we have what's next for the officer involved in friday's deadly shooting. mike. >>reporter: well, an dree, a the news here is that there are no charges for this officer, and, you know, one of the things that really stuck out to me when we first got this crime scene friday morning and into the afternoon hours were neighbors upon neighbors coming up to our team asking, okay, so we have a teenager, a 15-year- old holding a crow bar, causing trouble clearly with his mother claiming to be holding her hostage and we have officers responding with guns. guns versus a crow bar, how did this teenager lose his life? today the prince william commonwealth attorney and the chief of police did their best to explain exactly why this teenager was
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one, but four officers responding. that officer firing twice. take a listen to paul ebert, the attorney explaining exactly why this teenager was viewed as such a threat. >> i don't think he was safe, he's got a jacket on. he tells the police that he's got a [ inaudible ] strapped to his body, firing or trying to use some kind of force under those circumstances, other than police force wouldn't be called for. >>reporter: so he says that use of deadly force was called for, no question about it in his mind. that's factor number one why officers in his view should have opened fire. the big factor, number two that he we learned this afternoon, or i should say this morning at a news conference about an hour ago is the crow bar factor here. paul ebert said the 15-year- old, this teenager was holding the crow bar over his head essentially and refusing five times to drop the crow bar. officers on
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the 15-year-old hitting his brother's girlfriend with that weapon three or four times inside the home, so they said that this individual was a threat, not responding to commands. furthermore, he had tried to kill himself the night before. so this person was deemed somebody with mental health issues. we're expecting to learn more details during the afternoon hours, and, of course, we'll be back here at 5:00 with an update. that's the latest reporting live outside the prince william county courthouse, mike valeiro, wusa 9 >> thank you, mike. president trump addressed lead leaders of the up to date nations for the first time this morning. he made a declaration of american values and talked about a specific threat, north korea, global terrorism and iran. meg oliver has more from the united nations. >>reporter: the world was watching as president trump made his first address to the united nations general assembly. >> welcome to new york. >>reporter: he delivered tough talk on north k,
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world leaders to isolate kim jong-un and his expanding nuclear arsenal. >> the united states has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >>reporter: the president also pressured iran to stop supporting terrorism. >> it has turned a wealthy country with a rich history in culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos. >>reporter: he issued a strong warning to isis and other terrorist groups. >> we will stop radical islamic terrorism because we cannot allow it. >>reporter: president trump was elected on a campaign theme america first, but he you've had his speech in part to ask other nations to
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to confront common threats and dangers. >> i will always put america first, just like you as the leaders of your countries will always and should always put your countries first. >>reporter: mr. trump has been critical of the united nations in the past, but he's now pressing for new reforms. meg oliver, cbs news, the united nations. >> and as you'd expect, viewers are weighing in on social media about the president's u.n. appearance. ryan writes, the united nations is a corrupt organization. the whole world knows it. trump is the only leader calling her out. saleem writes, totally destroyed north korea? trump just massively overstepped the united nations general assembly, the verbal diarrhea got the better of him. keep this conversation going. cbs news has confirmed reports that the fbi wiretapped former trump campaign chairman paul manafort
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after the election. the wiretap was under a foreign intelligence warrant in connection with u.s. concerns manafort was communicating with russian operatives who wanted to influence the election. it's unknown if president trump was recorded as part of the wiretap. today the president's personal attorney was supposed to testify before the senate intelligence committee investigating russian interference in the election. [ thunder ] hurricane maria made landfall overnight on the island of dominica with 160- mile-per-hour winds. the storm is taking aim at caribbean islands that managed to miss the full fury of irma, including st. croix and puerto rico. but now people in puerto rico are being told to evacuate or die. couldn't get any more clearer than that. >> yeah. the wording is that dire, and for good reason. this is a category 5 hurricane. it's going to keep its strength right through st. croix and especially when you head to
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mountains and with all the water, even if the winds don't get you, you cannot get away from that flooding water that's going to come rushing on in, and some of those high rises, any high rises or if your home is on top of a mountain in puerto rico, the winds are going to be stronger the higher up you go. so we have jose. we're going to touch on jose coming up a little bit later. the impacts are so minimal, barely noticeable, unless we have satellite imagery, we probably wouldn't notice there's a big storm off our coast. and there are some areas into new england that will be watching that a little bit more closely than us. maria is a huge storm, category 5 and it is headed right for st. croix as a category 5. it will begin to weaken as it heads into puerto rico, but not by much, to make it any less impactful. so wednesday will be the day for puerto rico to endure this storm. then after it leaves puerto rico and heads east of the bahamas, that's when it will start a slow and gradually weakening with not as
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an environment, and also generally relatively cooler waters, but not by much. it's really the wind environment that's going to start to pull it apart by the end of the weekend. notice the time here. this is sunday, and it's about 250 miles away from florida. so we like the long-term computer models. that's about the only thing we like about maria is that they are in good agreement, so there's t noas many big question marks for maria. however, east coast, you need to remain vigilant of this storm as we track maria long- term. we'll keep you up to date on the app and we'll have the full forecast of what maria is doing and what jose means for us coming up in just a little bit. in prince george's county the city council in college park will revisit its failed measure to let non-citizens vote in its local elections tuesday. as of late last week, members of the city council thought they had passed the legislation. turns out they made a mistake. the measure didn't actually garner the votes it needed according to charter rules that had recently
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so today they'll discuss what happens next. virginia's gubernatorial race is heating up. tonight will be the second debate between candidates for republican ed gillespie and democrat ralph northam. the debate starts at the capital one headquarters in tyson. journalist chuck todd will moderate the event, and this is all leading up to election day on november 7th. well, it's only tuesday, but our weather and this weekend is looking gorgeous, so many of you may already be making plans. however, some on social media say you may want to cancel. our evan koslof is here to explain why in today's "verify." >>reporter: so we have some pretty bad news. it turns out the world is coming to an end on saturday. well, at least that's the theory online as there's been a lot of doomsday and fierce chatter on social media. take a look at these headlines right here. confirmed by nasa, planet neberu is headed towards earth and will end all life. it's supposed to happen on saturday. yikes! that brings up the question,
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this weekend? well, let's put on the tin foil hat and verify. first let's talk about where this all started. researcher and author david meade is a big part of it all. he claims a rogue planet called the beru is rocketing our way. he says the main source is the bible's book of revelations. a lot of sites are backing him up. there's even a video of apocalyptic scenes. from jessica, last month of life, neberu, please don't crush my dreams. others are laughing it off. rocky says the world is going to end on the 23rd, and i have yet to do my laundry. nasa has tryed to knock down doomsday stories, issuing this statement, there is no scientific basis, no shred of evidence that any celestial object will impact earth. here's professor ed sesser of
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he basically got a madeup expert in a madeup field talking about a madeup event. the world will come to an end sunday, but nasa says it's not go to happen this weekend. take off your tin foil hat, do your laundry and watch some football. if you want something verified, find us on facebook, twitter and e-mail, glad the world isn't ending, evan koslof, wusa 9. >>reporter: i'm meteorologist howard bernstein live in rohobeth page. the winds are up, the waves are up, all
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breasts but don't want to undergo major surgery or augment allegations, there's a new option giving women a little lift. ♪ >>reporter: working at west end plastic surgery, debbie slag has seen dozens of women meet with cosmetic surgeon dr. -- surgeon dr. paul ruff. >> gravity is not making any progress. i work out a lot, take care of myself and no matter what i do, i can't get them to go back up where they immediate to be. >>reporter: dr. ruff heard this many times before from frustrated patients. in fact, nearly 90% of women age 50 are unhappy with one body part, mainly their breasts. but debbie isn't interested in breast augmentation. she doesn't want physical scars, no long-term recovery and no general anesthesia. in cases like this where woman have a small amount of
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to age or pregnancy, dr. ruff recommends thermabreast. it uses radio frequency that tightens and lifts. >> it allows us to tighten up the skin, the collagen, all of the structural support tissues without any appreciatable scar. >>reporter: this is how it works, thermibreast is performed through three to four puncture sites around the areola. local anesthesia is given and the radio frequency fiber is inserted through a probe and passed back and forth, heating up the area inside the breast until it reaches the desired internal temperature. externally the temperature is monitored in real time with an infrared camera. >> when we do that and get up to that specific temperature, all of those collagen fibers that have uncoiled through age and just normal changes are able to start repairing themselves and coil back out. >>reporter: thermibreast takes just a little over an hour. before and after photos show that patients
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achieve a lift of one to 5 centimeters. since there's no sedation involved, normal activities including exercise can be resumed the next day. >> we will never replace surgery, it's not going to have that kind of longevity or expected longevity, but for the lack of scar, the lack of recovery time, relative comfort and the reliability of it, it's a fantastic optionment >>reporter: it takes about three to six months for the results to be apparent, but lasts about three to five years, just the slight change debbie is looking for. >> nothing really noticeable. it's going to make us notice and be happy about it. >> the best candidates for thermi breast are those women who have not had a history of breast cancer or prior radiation and women who have not had or currently do not have breast implants. the procedure costs around $3,500. it is not covered by insurance. well, many of us along the atlantic
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close eye on hurricane jose. the effects of this storm are being felt from the carolinas up to the jersey shore. howard bernstein joins us live from rohobeth, delaware with how the storm is affecting you there. howard, good to see you. we can see the surf is pretty high. >>reporter: yeah, pretty impressive here, but we're fortunate that hossee is going to stay far enough offshore that we shouldn't get too much worse than what we're seeing. as you look at the boardwalk, some people are out, some have jackets, some don't have jackets depending on what's going on. and, you know, it's your tolerance here. but let's go ahead and take you down to the beach here because this is what we came to see and mike's going to follow me down here. we've noticed people, not too many out there today, but with this impressive surf and it looks like it's in the four to eight-foot range, maybe getting almost up to 10 feet on the bigger waves, that there are people like these ladies that have come just to see the surf. hello, good afternoon. and you come on down here, and one of the things we're
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obviously right along the atlantic coast the wind really picks up. and one thing i think is keeping people off the beach, andrea, you've got these little bits of sand being picked up. now, i've been checking the wind speeds earlier, and they've been maxing out about 24, 25, they're sustained maybe in the 18 to 20 range, so we're not close to the tropical storm. vu to be up to 39 miles an hour. in fact, right now -- my hat wants to fly off, but right now as we're looking at it, the max wind speed i've seen so far is only in the lower 20s. so with the storm lurking offshore, you can see behind me the very impressive surf ha thab -- that has been crashing along the coastal areas here. but at rehoboth, people come out to check it out. they don't see tide like this too often, but the impact on the atlantic beaches should be minimal. live at rehoboth beach, delaware, an dree, a back to you. >> thanks, howard. and now we'r
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beaches is no more than a big strong winter storm. so we're going to watch places like nantucket and martha's vineyard that could have some stronger wind gusts, but it is staying pretty far offshore. and jose the weaker of the two hurricanes that we're keeping our eyes on. maria, oh, maria, another category 5 hurricane just headed to our friends farther south, virgin islands and puerto rico are on high alert. so i just want to give a quick update on jose. it is still a category 1. they've dropped the warnings for our coastlines and off nantucket, cape cod and martha's vineyard it goes. it will be a tropical storm at that point and they'll see some prettiy gusty winds that might knock over a tree or a power line or so. but the impact is minimal all things considered. don't worry about that loop-de- loop it's about to do here. maybe some extra moisture hanging around by the end of the weekend. howard just mentioned this, maybe up to 10-foot waves.
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about nine-foot waves on our gauge there. might see some showers. we'll even see a couple of showers here possible today, not too many. it'll get higher amounts heading that cape cod region, could see six, even an isolated spot over six inches of rain. generally speaking, we're really going to be focusing on maria. here's what to expect from maria, st. croix tonight as a category 5, coming through puerto rico tomorrow. slow, slow weakening after puerto rico. the waters are still warm, but the atmosphere might not be as conducive as it is right now for that development and the staying of that hurricane, that very strong category 5 status. the east coast, yeah, we're not in the cone, but it's still really far away. a lot could change. stay vigilant, stay alert of where this storm is going. we do have very good agreement, much more so than what we did with irma at this time heading back off, maybe tracking jose's footsteps there, but that could change. we'll keep you up to date. here's the latest track, still category 5.
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is when it starts to diminish its intensity ever so slightly, too slow, really, and then making category 3 status still by saturday. so this is sunday, it's still well offshore, florida, east of the bahamas. so we have a while to watch this. but puerto rico, they're already still without power from irma, and now they have another major hurricane headed their way by tomorrow. closer to home, look for the sun coming out, 77 degrees. dewpoint, i think you'll notice it's a little bit higher than what we are you've had to this time of year. this is because of jose, just a few showers here popping up, either east of 95 or into the mountains. everywhere in between they're actually getting some sunshine for the afternoon. one or two showers. temperatures will stay on the warmer side today. it's breezy. it's not even as windy as what you saw howard there, so 10, 20- mile-per-hour winds and temperatures are on the up and up. we're going to be very sunny and abnormally warm through the next seven days. 82 today. over the weekend upper 80s it, will be very sunny and we
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dry all through next
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